Wedding Party

Maids of Honor:
Genie Hua
Cari Davey

Laura Quenneville (sister of bride)
Lisa Libutti (friend of bride)
Stace Wakefield (friend of bride)
Alyssa Byrd (friend of bride)
Deanna Roman (friend of bride)
Naomi Brown (sister-in-law of bride)
Debbie Molina (friend of bride)
Niki Ngo (friend of bride)

Ricardo Chace (cousin of groom)
Cody Brown (friend of groom)
Nate Whitmeyer (friend of groom)
Eli Backer (friend of groom)
Dave Newman ( friend of groom)
Dave Leeland (friend of groom)
Jason Munday (friend of groom)
Joe Molina (friend of groom)
Kamau Harper (friend of groom)

Jaclyn and Joe’s Fairytale Wedding is August 22, 2009. RSVP here!