Our Story

The story of Jaclyn & Joe began on a beautiful wine vineyard in the Santa Cruz mountains at the 2006 Annual Smokey Mountain Campout! Joe and Jaclyn, both freshly single, found themselves at this event together. Surrounded by all of their friends and family, sparks flew and the stars sparkled. They began to date shortly after. With Jaclyn in LA and Joe in the Bay, they would meet up in exciting places like Las Vegas soaking up as much quality time they could while having a blast.

When Jaclyn migrated back to the bay area to be closer with her family and friends, Joe & Jaclyn began to get more serious and started falling in love. Over the past two years they have created a beautiful family with Joe’s three girls. They both look forward to their journey of spending the rest of their lives together and decided to throw a big bash to celebrate!

You are invited to the most special event of the year!! Jaclyn and Joe’s Fairytale Wedding is August 22, 2009. RSVP here!